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Meet Your Fitness Team

Martin Kelly


Martin Kelly will be the fitness trainer doing the Boot Camp. He has his NASM certificate and has done classes at SNAP Fitness and Anytime Fitness. Martin love to do Fitness Classes and Personal training while he is not working at North MS Medical Center. Martin has a winning attitude that goes out of his way to encourage others to help reach their fitness goals. He is very energetic and is very excited about starting his classes at Life Fitness 365. Please show Martin your support and come and signup with your friends and lets reach our goals together! 

Whitney Bell

whitney bell.jpg

Hi, My name is Whitney Bell! 

I am wife, mom and full time worker who has a passion for fitness! Even with life a little crazy and a full time schedule with work, kids and life, I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself and come out and enjoy one of my classes. I am a certified personal trainer with ISSA! I have worked hard to get certified because I have a passion to help other ladies reach their goals to become the healthiest version of themselves. I believe with the right training and encouragement, we can all reach our goals. I want to encourage you to join me for a fun filled, low impact fitness classes.  Each class we will tone, sculpt, and shed extra unwanted weight. Lets reach our goals together! 

Jackie krech


Hi, My name is Jacqueline Krech!  

Even though my name is Jacqueline, most people know me by Jackie. I have served as a Mississippi Police Officer from 2018 - 2020. Even though it was very fulfilling to help people and the community, the job had a lot of stress and was hard not to get connected emotionally.  During the time of serving as a police officer, I got the opportunity to get certified and trained in SSGT strategic self defense and grappling tactics. I love training and encouraging other woman to be proactive on defending themselves and not be helpless victims.  I have been do training and fitness for years. I also love teaching classes on helping build cardio endurance and fitness toning. One of my favorite things is building relationship with people, so come out and let's get FIT together!

Kristen bailey


Hi, My name is Kristen Bailey! 

I have been taking dancing from  about the time I could start walking.  I am a Tupelo native and live here all my life. I have been student of Ballet, tap, hip-hop and lyrical dance for 12 years. I have been teaching dancing for multiple years now. I am currently a dance instructor teaching the various dances styles mentioned above. Two of my favorite things in life are dancing and fitness. I have a passion to help other learn dancing and fitness. I would love to invite you to come and join one of my fun filled, high energy dance class. What is more fun than dancing and burning calories all at the same time. Make sure to come out and join one of my cardio dance classes. Can't wait to meet you and LET'S DANCE!

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